Elja Birdsand

ELJA bird sand, was founded in 1979 and produces amongst other things:

  • Bird sand
  • Eucalyptus sand
  • Chinchilla bath sand
  • Decoration sand


Besides our own brands, we are also specialised in private label packaging for a wide range of compositions and volumes. ELJA has always warranted the best supply of its products to the customer. As a result, we possess extraordinary logistic knowledge and experience. Our specialists are daily available to address your wishes and desires. Every customer will receive the same level of attention and service.


Through different branches organisations and its daily contacts with the transport market, ELJA has constantly expanded and improved its customer level. We approach our customers as our partners and generate a win-win-situation. ELJA offers a packaged solution for your product and delivery. Logistics will always be complied with in the most efficient manner.


Besides managing the transportation services, ELJA also offers expedition- and freight forwarding activities.
Our service package includes unloading, storage and management of goods, the order picking and preparation for shipment of the products. Orders may be placed in several ways.
An automatic storage management system will guarantee a fast, efficient and correct compliance of your orders.


ELJA arranges several forms of transportation: packed goods, big bags, bulk and containers for national and international deliveries.
Since we are specialised in every form, we can always offer tailored solutions and allow one-stop-shopping. Our expertise guarantees cost saving, reliable deliveries as well as fast and adequate service.

Storage management

ELJA eliminates the burden of its customers to control their supplies, through constant availability, and an automated storage management system.
In doing so, we can assure rapid and efficient order processing of your orders.